Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Straightup Hookups @ Mardi Gras Parade in Soulard

Mardi Gras In Soulard!


Check out the link!

Browse the events!

Suggest afew to hook up at!

We're meeting up for the Grande Parade Sat,March 5,2011.

Please know that you are always free to attend any event on your own or with friends of your own.

Most events are public forums free to all!

Straightup Hookups is about socializing and having a great time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Hour@Modesto Tapas Bar and Restaurant w/Straightup Hookups


Feb 15 2011 Tue 5:00 PM

          Modesto Tapas Bar and Restaurant
5257 Shaw St. Louis, MO 63110


This is suppose to be one of the best Tapas Bars in St.Louis!
So let's check it out!
Happy Hour should be alittle happier with us in the place!
Let's hook up, have a little Tapas and conversation.!!
Tuesdays Happy Hour is All Night!!!!

Join us for a laid back,wonderful crew of folks!

Happy Hour@The Melting Pot w/Straightup Hookups


Jan 4 2011 Tue 5:00 PM

          Melting Pot
6683 Delmar St.Louis, MO 63130 314-725-4141
Let's kick off 2011 with Grande Happy Hour and Nicknaming get together.
A little something different with flair like  our group.
If you have a nickname you like,let it be known.
The group can suggest nicknames for members,but member has final authority.
Hope to see ya in The New Year!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Hour @ Cork Wine Bar w/Straightup Hookups

Holiday Cheer!!!

We had a wonderful time at Cork!

We drank,ate and converserved and it was an wonderful evening.

Looking forward to hooking up for a wine tasting which they host on Sundays.

So check out the link!

Stay Updated!

And join us when it posted!

Afew pics from the crew!!